Water Filtration Systems for the Filipinos

There is a Science Convention in the Philippines between July 27 and 30 and the water filters cartridge and systems section have a surprise in store – the ceramic pot filter. This is a new technology and this filter is made of cheap ceramic and nano materials. This technology was used last year in Rwanda and helped out a lot of people. Most of the Filipinos use water from wells with questionable safety. The water there is not examined and no one knows if it is good to drink or not. The ceramic pot filters will help these people filter their water and then transport it easily to where they live. Another invention featured in the science fair will be stabilized brown rice. This rice will be treated in a way so it will preserve its nutritious qualities over time. There will be ready to mix foods for babies between 1 and 3 years old at the fair. There will also be an anti mosquito system presented at the fair. Another interesting invention is the Underwater Inspection Robot that will be able to inspect water for algal bloom. This same algal bloom causes a red tide in the big water systems throughout the country. This science fair will introduce to people very important and necessary inventions.

You can pick up the phone and order a filler system or replace your water filter cartridge with us – take advantage of the technology.


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