Water Filters Save Children’s Lives

Last time on our blog we told you how one water filter can make such a difference in the lives of a Kenyan family. Hundreds of families are now

Water Filters Save Childrens Lives

Water Filters Save Childrens Lives

 receiving those life-saving water filters and benefit greatly from them. Those gadgets are literally lifesavers – they will help reduce the death rate of children under 5 years old in western Kenya, where the climate is cold. The death rate over there is mind blowing – 2 out of every five children die. The Kenyan ministry of health has calculated that around 121 children out of 1000 die, because of water born diseases. The unsafe and polluted water   brings malaria, diarrhoea and typhoid. The young children oftentimes cannot fight the disease and the medical help is usually too far away from the village they live. The staff in Kenyan hospitals claims that 8 out of every 10 cases of water borne diseases can be prevented at home. An interesting fact about the water diseases is that diarrhoea cases are much more than the malaria, HIV, and AIDS combined. This number is too big to be ignored. The families are now hoping to see the results of the filters quicky.

The people there do not have to boil water every time they want to drink or cook with it. This will reduce the cutting of trees that are usually used to start a fire for boiling the water.

Take precautions in your own home and install a water filter in your home too.


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