Water Filters Might Save Business in Crisis

One of the two municipal water filters cartridges in Wagoner, USA broke last Sunday night and that left the whole city without clean drinking water. People were warned that only one filter would not be able to efficiently purify the water in the mainstream and asked people to use water only when it is absolutely necessary, avoid watering outside and always boil before drinking the water from the tap until the new filter arrives. Many business had to close because of that warning, because they just couldn’t stay opened and use unfiltered water for their customers. One of the businesses thought managed to stay open. It was the Chill Out Shaved Ice. Surprisingly enough the business stayed open, even though its whole product is based on water. The management decided that they had to stay open no matter what, especially during the hot summer days when the city did not have water. What better way to cool down than to have flavoured shaved ice! So they made all the syrups with bottled water and put a sign outside of their place of business that the shaved ice was made with bottled water. The management reveals that using bottled water is much more expensive than using the mainstream, but they had to do everything possible to stay open especially at that time.

Who knows, if they had installed a water filter cartridge with high efficiency in their place of business, they could have used the tap water.


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