Water Filters for Kenya

On the 26th of this month thousands of people from Kenya received water filters for their homes. This is part of a huge project, called Carbon for Water. The distribution of the lifesaving filters is going to continue for about five weeks. The purpose is to reach at least 90% of the homes in Kenya that do not have access to good water. People over there usually boil the water in order to drink it. The donated filters will provide clean water for ten years. Each filter installed in the households will safely filter the water for at least three years, which is about 18 000 litters of water.

The project costs $25 million dollars. It seems a bit steep, but it is inevitable. The money has to be paid for the production of 900 000 filters, then transporting them to Africa and subsequently distributing them to the people. This means that a train must be hired as well as a lot of people to do the distribution. The estimated number is close to 4000 health workers and 4000 drivers. The filters will also provide hundreds of jobs for the next 10 years, because people are going to work in filter replacement centres and they will have to educate other people on how to take proper care of their precious filters.

Having water filters installed is really a necessity these days, especially in places where water is not that safe to drink.


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