Water Filters for Honduras

About 125 students form six and seven grade helped to raise enough money to buy a water filter cartridge for a few families in Honduras. The student’s form the middle school in Spring Lake Park were inspired to do so in a Spanish lesson class. Their teacher showed them a video of people in Honduras, who were walking miles and miles just so they could get two buckets of clean water and bring it back to their families.  Another video showed them how people just dip their cups in very polluted water and drink it, because they do not have another nearby source of clean water. Minutes before the people in the video had dipped their cups in the water, a horse has crossed the river. This made students think about ways of helping out. They knew that they cannot help everybody in Honduras, but they pledged to do their best to help at least a few. At first their goal was to raise enough money to buy one water filter, but they eventually raised enough for four. Students made the fund raising something like a competition between six and seventh graders. Students donated their birthday money, their Christmas money and some their babysitting money. The kids realized that they are so lucky to have all that they do, while others struggle with things like providing clean water for their families.

You are also very lucky to be able to get a water filter cartridge within a phone call – you can call us today and buy one for a family in need.


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