Water Filter to Keep your Hair Colour

If you think that the water filter purpose is to only filtrate your drinking water, you are wrong.

Water Filter to Keep Hair Colour

Water Filter to Keep Hair Colour

This useful device can be part of your beauty secret. How so? Well for all of those, who colour their hair this might come as news, but water can wash away this beautiful vibrant colour you have on and leave it dull very quickly. You are probably using all kinds of different shampoos and leave in conditioners to lock that colour in, but you keep wondering why they are not as effective as described. You are probably wearing hats or scarves on your hear on the sunniest days to prevent your hair colour from fading, but it still isn’t as shiny as you would like it to be. The reason for that probably is that the water you wash your hair with isn’t filtered. If you live in a big city the water is fused with all kinds of chemicals that are supposed to kill all the bad bacteria. But also kills your hair colour. All the chemicals inside the water, the chlorine for example may be in small quantities, but it really affects that hair shine you strive for. The solution is filtrating the water. If you do so, all those colour shine killer chemical will stay within the filter and won’t harm your most precious beauty accessory – the hair.

Get a water filter installed today and bring back that luscious shiny colour of your hair.


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