Tap Water Better Than Bottled?

The Water Filter is something that you have to definitely include in your household. This will save you a lot of money buying water bottles and save you a lot of space. And as it turns out tap water might be better for you than bottled. Especially mineral water. If you drink only bottled mineral water this may lead to serious health conditions. If you like to drink mineral water though, you have to often switch brands. Different mineral waters contain different minerals inside and if you consume too much of some you may get sick. For example, it may lead to kidney stones, because of too much consumption of chloride. Some bottled water has lower bicarbonate levels than required by the national standards and this may lead to discolouring the teeth enamel and eventually to tooth decay. Some bottled waters have higher pH level than needed and this may cause ulcers in the intestines and may disrupt your digestion. Not to mention that bottled water may be exposed to high temperatures while being transported and this can cause the plastic to leak chemicals in the water. Tap water on the other hand is up to the national standards and just the right amount of bicarbonates and pH is achieved. If you want to save money, save the environment and most of all preserve your health, think about what we have just shared with you. Go back to drinking tap water and if you want to feel even safer install a water filter.


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