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Water Filter Helps in Crises

People in New Jersey have something in common these days – their number one priority on the shopping list is the Water Filter. As it turned out – there were traces of a volatile organic compound – tetrachlorethylene, found in their water systems. This chemical is used in dry cleaning. People are getting frantic by […]

Invest in Water Filters if you are Pregnant

What is one of the first things you should do when you find out you are pregnant – invest in water filters. Whenever a woman sees the two lines on the stick and finds out she is pregnant, she immediately changes the way she thinks. She becomes very careful about everything she does. If she […]

Water Filter to Keep your Hair Colour

If you think that the water filter purpose is to only filtrate your drinking water, you are wrong. This useful device can be part of your beauty secret. How so? Well for all of those, who colour their hair this might come as news, but water can wash away this beautiful vibrant colour you have […]

Water Filters are a Must in Toxic Cities

What kind of place do you live in? Look around, look up – can you see the clear blue sky? If not, it means you live in a toxic city and you must get yourself a water filter immediately. If you still are in doubt just check the latest listing of the most toxic cities […]