Students Invent Water Filters

A Water Filter is something that so many people around the world need desperately. There are regions where if you do not have a filtration system you are doomed to get sick from a water borne disease. Some students are in the search of a better future for all those people in need. The St. Joseph University students are trying to come up with a simple plan on how people in those areas can build their own water filtration systems. These students are afraid that if better filters are given to these people and they break at some point, they would not have the resources and the ability to mend them. So if they know how to build their own system they will have an alternative until they fix the better filter. The filtration system they came up with is actually a very simple one. Six gallon buckets, spigots, a great amount of fine sand and cheesecloth. The fine sand creates a very good form of filtration, because the space between the fine particles is very small and the bacteria gets caught in it. The whole system costs about $20. The students are now trying to test the filtered water and to see what kind of bacteria gets filtered and what actually stays in the water.

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