The PureFlo Water Filter | Highest Quality Water Filtration

PureFlo1Pureflo – the environmentally friendly water filter. Highest quality drinking water filtration at a great price. Distributed in Africa by Drinking Waters.

We’re as dedicated to the environment as we are to providing water filters that improve the quality and taste of your drinking water.

Our PF-100 filter offers a unique patented design that saves you money, by yielding minimal waste, while keeping you green. Once installed, you only need to change the filter that is found inside, minimizing the expenses that can come with healthy drinking water.


  • Pure Flow Water FilterCompact Design
  • Manual Screw off Head with ¼ inch inlet & outlet ports
  • National Sanitation Foundation ( NSf ) certified components
  • Food Grade Polypropylene
  • Reusable Housing ( only replace cartridge )
  • Clips into 2 inch bracket.
  • Wide range/choice of Filters (Coming Soon)
  • Supplied in singles or boxes of 25 – ( Inline Assembly Kits )


  • Easy to install. (See Video Below)
  • Pure Flow Water Filter OverviewExtremely economical
  • Low Waste – Only the filter Cartridge is replaced.
  • Easy to change/replace/upgrade (no system change needed)
  • Environmentally friendly

Replacement Cartridges:

  • Carbon Block ( CB-Mini )                                              Available
  • Silverised Carbon Block ( SCB-Mini )                        Coming Soon
  • Fibre dyne ( FD-Mini )                                                  Coming Soon
  • Nano filtration ( NF-Mini )                                          Coming Soon

Carbon Block: (CB-Mini)

  • Pureflow pricingCartridge OD = 38,1 mm
  • Cartridge ID = 12,7 mm
  • Length =191 mm (Hole in one end)
  • Micron rating = 1 Micron nominal
  • Service Life = 4,500 Litres (Filter life is dependent on the quality of water)
  • CB-Mini Made by world’s Leading Water Filtration producers
  • Tried and Tested in accordance with NSF/ANSI standards. In Chlorine, taste and Odour reduction
  • Supplied in Singles or boxes of 66 units


  • Easy to replace.
  • Cheap to maintain as only the filter cartridge is replaced.
  • The UK’s most popular inline water filter.
  • Enjoy the benefits of efficient carbon- block filtration at a low cost.


PF-100 Detailed Specs