Pentek Water Filter Cartridge

Our company offers you the Pentek water filter cartridge. These are carbon cartridges and they have a very high quality. The way these filters work is they use activated carbon and other materials and with their help remove all the contaminates form the drinking water. Most of the carbon filters use in addition a mechanical filtration. This means that chemicals and sediment as well are removed. 

Pentek has many types of carbon filters.

One of them is the C series. This cartridge is an economical solution for all-purpose filtration. This filter will remove sediments and will reduce to minimum all unwanted odour and taste in the water, which chlorine might leave. This filter has high flow rate and very good dirt holding capacity.

Another filter is the Chloramine reduction filter. This is a great device, because it reduces greatly the chloramine found in water. This chemical is becoming more and more popular and takes the place of the chlorine. This filter has a good flow rate and it also reduces the sediment particles found in the water.

The RFC Series Radial Flow Carbon Filters are also a great alternative for people. They reduce the chlorine taste and odour and their design highly reduces the carbon fines in filtered water. These filters come in many different sizes. They can be used in your home, in the food services, in industrial and commercial applications.

Check out what other cartridges we offer and choose the a water filter cartridge that is right for you.


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