Paying For Filtered Water in Restaurants

There were a lot of angry customers at an Australian restaurant lately, because they were asked to pay $5.30 for their tap water, but what they did not know was that this tap water was purified from some of the best water filters on the market. When customers were presented with their bill at the end of their course, all were very surprised. None of these people have ever paid for tap water. In fact most people do not want so spend $7 or $10 dollars for a bottled water and have just a glass or two, when they can drink water all night long for free – the good old tap water. But what people do not know is that there is a new wave in restaurants – buying expensive filtration systems for their place of business and charging people for it. The owner of this particular Sydney restaurant has done just that – he bought a $6000 filter system. It is fair to say that he can charge for the tap water, because this is a big investment.  Some of the customers argued, but the owner explained that this is a top of the line filter and this system can also carbonate the water. The customers can feel safe drinking it, because it is no worse, and in some cases even better than the bottled one. He also underlined that using this filter he is reducing his carbon footprint on nature by eliminating the usage of plastic and glass bottles.

You can also be environmentally conscious and switch to water filters instead of bottles.


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