Water Boiler Filters

Do you have problems with your boiler scaling up ? Is your current filter not controling the problem?. Then we have the ideal solution for you. The water filter company has independantly tested many types of filter on water boilers and can conclude that the best option is the scale guard pro water filter. This […]

Omnipure filters

The water filter company is the largest supplier of Omnipure filters and replacement cartridges in the Uk. We cater for customers who require single units as well as customers buying case quantities.We also supply all related accessories such as filter heads and brackets. Our biggest sellers are the Q series(quick change) and the K series […]

Special offer for September 2011

  For the month of September The water filter company is offering it’s home filtration kit for the great price of £87.95 +Vat. The kit comprises the following components ; Choice of Tomlinson valueline Tap Ball a fix valve 1/4″ shut off valve 1/4″ tap adapter 2 meters of 1/4″ tubing 1 micron omnipure filter(complete […]

Water Filters Might Save Business in Crisis

One of the two municipal water filters cartridges in Wagoner, USA broke last Sunday night and that left the whole city without clean drinking water. People were warned that only one filter would not be able to efficiently purify the water in the mainstream and asked people to use water only when it is absolutely […]

Carbon Filters Check

It is important that at the end of the summer season you check and if necessary change your carbon filter. Unlike the other seasons, water consumption is doubled during the summer as hydration is very important in the heat. This means that your water filter has been used extensively the last couple of months. With […]

Keep Your Filters Clean

In times of emergency and disasters you have to be sure the water filter you use is clean. Having clean water in those times is a number one priority. Sometimes, you think that if you have a filter is enough in times of emergency, but you should think twice. First of all you have to […]

Water Filters Make You Feel Safe

Water filters are a given, many people think, but is it really so? Yes, if you drink water from the tap, the water should have been filtered. But until it comes your way, even if it had gone through the filtering system it can get contaminated again. This is some scary news. Especially for people […]

Tomlinson Valueline Faucets

The water filter company is pleased to introduce the  new TomlinsonValueline range of Faucets. Available in a variety of styles there is a model to suit any type of kitchen.These faucets are ideal for use with our undersink chiller and filter systems.Click here to view the official product brochure.  

Water Filtration Systems for the Filipinos

There is a Science Convention in the Philippines between July 27 and 30 and the water filters cartridge and systems section have a surprise in store – the ceramic pot filter. This is a new technology and this filter is made of cheap ceramic and nano materials. This technology was used last year in Rwanda […]

Scale Guard Pro

Here at the water filter company we provide filters for many forms of water despensing equipment.One of the main requests is for a filter to reduce scaling up of water boilers.We reccomend the Scale guard Pro filter. Main features of this filter are; The scale guard pro was designed for the espresso industry to protect […]