Introducing the SIP2000

The SIP 2000 is an automatic cooler sanitizer that works with Point Of Use(“bottle-less”) water coolers. Every night the SIP 2000 activates to sanitise your cooler’s reservoir. The SIP 2000 can even control power to your cooler. So, for example, you could program the 2000 to shut off power to the cooler at 6:00 PM and then turn on at 5:00 AM. The 2000 has a bright, illuminated display making it easy to program.

The SIP 2000 is attached inside or on the back of a water cooler.  you can buy the device directly from The Water Filter Company and retrofit your own bottle-less coolers or we can install it for you.

The SIP 2000 is programmed to activate for 10 minutes every night. However, it is fully programmable so that you can change the time and duration of the sanitisation.

There are two electrical power cords attached to the SIP 2000. One power cord plugs into the wall to supply electricity to the unit. The other receives the electrical cord from the cooler so that you only have to use one electrical outlet at your
customer’s location.


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