Doulton Ecofast

The Water Filter Company is now proud to be able to offer, amongst its quality range of water filter products, the Doulton ‘Ecofast’.

This is Doulton’s answer to the quick-change heads and water filters currently on the market. This particular product, though, has a difference… instead of using disposable cartridges, the Ecofast is a quick-change housing for their existing ceramic filters. And since the ceramic filter is the only part of the system that is replaced, plastic waste is reduced, compared to equivalent systems using disposable plastic cartridges – hence the ‘Eco’ part of the name.

The move to a ¼’’ connection is also an indication that Doulton are taking commercial as well as domestic markets into consideration. The auto shut-off head will also appeal to engineers with busy schedules and lots of machines to service. Combine this with the twist-fit head and now a filter change will take a third of the time that it took to change the old housing. Furthermore it’s not just the filter changes where the Ecofast saves time; the integral bracket makes installation quicker and easier as well.

One of the major benefits of ceramic filters is that the tiny micron rating achieved means that bacteria are too large to fit through the pores in the filter’s outer shell. Doulton also incorporate silver dust into their ceramics and through the antibacterial properties of silver, this ensures the bacteria dies where it is trapped.


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