Water Filters from Africa’s leading Water Group

The Water Filter Company- the first dedicated company to providing and sourcing the widest variety of water filters to customers across South Africa. We stock and supply the widest variety of water filters that are available in Africa – from industrial filters through to domestic filters used in many homes today.

The Water Filter Company is a sister company of two of the largest suppliers of water cooler and water filter companies in South Africa- www.thewatercoolercompany.co.za and www.drinkingwaters.co.za.

We are currently launching this water filter website and ask customers to email contact@thewaterfiltercompany.co.za to get more details on our product range and answer any questions regarding water filters that you may have.

Tips on Changing your Water Filter Cartridge

Water Filters – Africa’s widest selection of water filters

The Water Cooler Company specialise in the provision of drinking water equipment and an essential part of most of our solutions is the use of high quality water filters. Our drinking water solutions often require specialist water filters which are suited to the usage, environment and water supply available in a building facility. Our water [...]

Filtration Systems vs. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis systems filter out a wider range of contaminants than most ordinary carbon filters, helping deal with problems ordinary carbon filters typically can’t, for example: arsenic, lead, copper, sodium, nitrates, fluoride, cysts, TDS and pharmaceutical contaminants. While many under-sink filters contain activated carbon, the carbon membrane does not remain in contact with water long [...]
Nanotechnology for Water Filters

Filters for the cosmetic’s industry

  The water filter company has a range of filter systems designed to suit all environment. One of our most popular systems  the GAC-10 system is perfect for use by the Beauty industry. This 20 micron Pentek filter effectivly  reduces chlorine taste and odor from your water. The GAC-10's unique construction allows water to flow in [...]